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Your First Visit

You’ll be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

Rosy will greet you with a smile upon entering our office.

Rosy will greet you with a smile upon entering our office.

At your first appointment at California Chiropractic, you will be asked to fill out paperwork, including a history of your complaint and insurance information. You will be advised of our HIPPA policy, as well as our financial policy. Payments arrangements will be handled with our front desk.

After your consultation, you will be examined by the doctor. If your examination reveals a need for x-rays, you will be referred for those x-ray studies before your treatment. We will ask you to bring a copy of the x-rays back with you to your next appointment, where we will review the images, and report to you what has been found. If we do not feel you need x-rays after your initial exam, we will proceed with your chiropractic treatment. We will likely ask that you receive approximately 3 adjustments before we assess your progress and make recommendations for your care. Most patients are not referred for x-rays, but some are. We will not know until you are examined if we will need x-rays. If you have x-rays or other imaging studies already, please bring them (and/or the report) with you at your first visit. This is good information.

Same Day Treatment

If you are being treated on this day, you will very likely be given physical therapy including muscle stimulation, traction, and/or ice. Everything in therapy should feel comfortable and relaxing; the goal of therapy is to relax your muscles prior to being adjusted. Next, we will explain what we have found on the exam, and explain our treatment procedures and techniques. We will answer your questions and you will then receive your first chiropractic adjustment. After this we will review recommendations for the next few treatments, as well as some very important instructions for you to follow. You will schedule your next few visits with the front desk before you leave that day.

This initial visit can take from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the severity of your condition and the time it takes to do paperwork and evaluate you. The more prepared you are, and the more specific you can be in answering the doctor’s questions, the less time it should take.

Take a look to see what to expect during your second visit.